Whether you are creating a new start-up, or re-inventing your brand, making a new logo is a good place to start. I offer infinite revisions and a flat rate of $200.00 for a custom logo, built to your specifications

Corporate Logos

Mytelcom Inc. needed to re-invent their company image because they extended their services and products, and wanted a logo that represented more of a total care telecommunications solution. As of today (27 May 2013) we are collaborating on their site re-design as well.
$20 Discount As Part of Site Re-Design

I know how rapidly you want your branding work done, so when you are using my services for both a website & and a logo, you'll get a $20 discount on the logo.

Quick Tip!

The best way to get your logo done fast is to find a couple similar logos to the one you want to create!

Before & After (Slide to See!)

Animated Logos

Quick, animated intro's with your logo help distinguish your videos and they also have the added benefit of giving the user the time he needs to click the "x" on the pop-up ads (like on Youtube) and get rid of the ad so he can concentrate on your video's content. This animation was made for Innovative Defensive Solutions, a unique handgun training course that travels around the country, teaching its customers proper defensive training in critical situations.

More logos from past (and present) jobs:

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